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Lawyer – Entrepreneur – Tech geek?

"to be myself fully, wholly, unapologetically" Pledge pin and artwork by Dorcas Creates

“to be myself fully, wholly, unapologetically”
Pledge pin and artwork by Dorcas Creates

Does anyone else keep a diary? I’ve always been quite hit and miss with completing them but I always start them and come back to them throughout any given year. Does anyone else read their old diaries? It’ so painful to see how self-obsessed you were. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way it’s only two years ago but I look back on the below that I wrote and cringe. After my affair with running a business I returned to law, my true love, but this blog will really just be my creative venting space for now. Read it at your peril.

I’m the Founder of Packed Munches: Every month we help expats to stay connected with home and reminded of the good times by delivering a taste of home to their doors. It’s like a hug in a box from home.

Before Packed Munches I pretty much dedicated my life to law (ok, my life has been short so far as I’m not that old) but I decided to take a sabbatical and explore my creative side. This began with Packed Munches and in taking time out from the law world I’ve been spending more time around the “tech scene” in London, also known as Silicon Roundabout, but which I like to think of as the rabbit hole. I feel a bit like Alice at the moment so thought I’d write about my journey here.

I got a job as a digital trainer at Freeformers where I’ve learnt all about digital – I’m talking I went from agreeing with my mum about how ridiculous Twitter is (I mean 140 characters of who cares?!) to being it’s biggest fan! Aside from this small learning I’ve also learnt how to code which if I do say so myself is a pretty nifty skill. I went from training to product development, and soon developed a slight obsession with all things tech, so you’ll occasionally see some re-posts from Techcrunch here.

Whilst doing this I embarked on a course with the New Entrepreneurs Foundation. A year long  entrepreneurship programme which takes you from the business model canvas beginnings right through to pitch day.

nef pitch pic

Jack of all trades? Not quite, I’m learning a lot at the moment and enjoying searching for the intersection between law and tech. But you can see a glimpse of my journey by visiting my Linkedin profile and/or come say hi on Twitter @FiTimba. Please also feel free to let me know your thoughts, any advice you have or any suggestions.

Happy reading!

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